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Listen: Interview on The Asian Pop Show (SBS Radio Australia) | India, Spain, London | WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) | Showcase

Jamaica Delacruz from SBS Radio Australia interviewed me for The Asian Pop Show prior to my trip to London last month. The reception was bad when Jamaica called me in KL from the SBS studio in Sydney. Sorry for the bad sound quality guys. Check it out BELOW (U have to wait for it to download 1st)
Jamaica Delacruz Interviews IZ on The Asian Pop Show for SBS Radio Australia by izworkz
Some of you may know that in the past 4 months I’ve had the opportunity to perform at amazing places in India, London and Spain. Many have asked me how did it feel performing in places other than your native country where you are literally unknown? I can just say that my experiences performing ‘outside’ are nothing short than incredible & nerve wrecking of course!
I first had the experience of performing ‘overseas’ in a cabaret-like setting in Melbourne through St. Martins Theatre under the tutelage of Mark Jones, one of Australia's most popular, award-winning cabaret acts. I still remembered being bored during my days living & studying hard like your typical high-achieving Asian student in Australia at the same time interning in a couple of local Australian advertising agencies: I was tired & uninspired. I wanted to dabble in something that has been my life long passion, which is MUSIC. The last time I performed prior to my departure to Melbourne was when I sang the lead in Actors Studio’s YKLS (Young KL Singers) where I met many talented friends whom I still keep in touch with.

To cut the story short, I passed the auditions at St. Martins Theatre and got Mr. Mark Jones to train me. We used to have our rehearsals in this old church in Toorak where the possums crawl on the roof making scary noises in the night, but it was heaps of fun & I learnt many good techniques from him especially with voice. I didn’t know who he was but I’ve heard & read many good things about him from my Australian sources… so yeah… the night I performed, we had John Foremen, Australian Idol’s music director who came over & watch me perform after a close friend of mine, Mr. Luke Wagner invited him. It was both nerve wrecking and exciting. The same feelings I still get every time I perform in those places I mentioned. I guess it’s normal for a performer to feel a bit nervous especially ‘Green’ performers like me.

I’ve had my fair share of complains too but the feeling of excitement I get every time I perform in an unknown market over rides everything. I am hoping & praying that I will get to do this more often in the future. Wish me luck K?

Here’s a short article on my Indian adventure in the latest issue of GLAM Lelaki in Malay. (IZ, MENGGEMPARKAN INDIA).

You will also find me in Majalah MASKULIN & AugustMan this month. Go get it K?

As promised,
Let me share a couple of plans I’ve got up my sleeve for 2010. I’m still trying to finish recording my first full studio album after the release of my GONNA BE ALRIGHT EP in 2008 (Gosh that was ages ago!!!) whilst at the same time planning for TWO showcases in Singapore & KL. Ambitious much?! Haha. WHEN & WHERE the showcase will be? Stay tuned & you’ll find out. I’m also currently promoting my 2010 single A.L.O.N.E (Currently No. 6 on Hitz.Fm’s MET10 after 4 weeks) and I’ll be releasing my Malay single entitled JAUH soon too (It’s still in the oven, don’t ask me why it’s still in there). There are a lot of preparations that I need to do ESPECIALLY concerning the showcase. I am sometimes flat out but I guess that’s what any new artistes like me have to do, and to be consistent. Oh well.

I am also currently busy preparing myself for WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts, Road to Hollywood) SEMIFINALS. I can’t believe I got through to the semifinals during the auditions, as everyone was so bloody talented. I’m still pinching myself. I like to thank my family, Mr & Mrs AJ Popshuvit for their support. Seriously, Malaysia is full of talented young people. It was an amazing & humbling experience singing and performing alongside these hugely talented people. I’m still going through a list of songs to perform during the semifinals next month. Wish me luck!

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