Wednesday, March 17, 2010


- London Fashion Week, February 2010 -
The very fact that I’ve been a very very bad blogger boy lately is kinda hard to accept. Hahaha! My schedule has been VERY hectic (If U follow me on My FB Fanpage ---> U know) since January this year plus all my work related travels from KL to India, London, Spain & Thailand (That one is a holiday LOL) BUT I won’t lie & say I don’t have time to blog, because I DO! It’s just that I’ve been procrastinating a lot. Normal people procrastinate too, so I know I’m not alone here.

- Took this photo of a bull fight ring built in the 1900s in Mijas, Malaga, SPAIN Feb 2010 -
Oh, I am also at the moment without a manager, Can you imagine the workload?! Poor me. So yeah, I am sorry guys! What surprises me is that, throughout my absence I have collected 80 official subscribers! Gosh what a nice surprise! TQ for your support guys! I love you. I won’t promise that I will blog my experiences religiously here, but I will make an effort OK? At least my FB Fanpage is updated regularly which is why you need to add me on Facebook pronto! Next post will be all about the good news I like to share with you plus my first ever showcase in Singapore & KL. Send me a message on my FB Fanpage on the right side of this page should U want to yell at me, IZ, update your smelly blog!!!Hugs.
P/s: Check out the new set of photos by my favorite photographer, The Idan on my FB Fanpage photo album!