Sunday, February 3, 2008

UpDate! Song/Single-Foster Home-Ringtone-CNY

Hey all. How are you guys doing? I am so sorry I have not posted anything for quite sometime now. Been really busy. Like sibuk gile! Betul tak tipu! I’m not joking. Man, I got heaps to tell you guys. This is going to be one very long entry. Bare with me yer? Bet some of you know why I haven’t been blogging~kan? Sebabnya: I’ve been pretty occupied with finishing the music for my song with the help of my very talented songwriting partner in Sydney, Mr. Adam Luck. We’ve been working on my song for 2 weeks now through phone calls & emails. I can tell you, it’s not the best way to work. If only I had the choice, but so many people need me here so I can’t do anything about it. Ha-ha! I’ve been dedicating almost all the time I have for this. Thank god there’s only a 3-hour difference between KL & Sydney. OK~lah. I am very excited about this project of mine & I haven’t been sleeping too. Want to listen to the piano riff of the song I am working on at the mo’? Go to my jukebox now (It’s on the left side of this page & you might have to scroll down) and click Gonna Be Alright. Yep, that’s what my song gonna be called guys! Sorry that I can only let you guys listen to the piano riff, LOL… Just a lil’ bit kay? Sikit2 jer OK? Stay tune for my ‘project outcome’. Coming soon.

Now lets move on to all things One In A Million. I want to let you guys know that the mobile content download I did for Bluehyppo Streamyx is already available now for you guys to purchase from the 8TV website in the Mobile Downloads section! Yaye! Now you could have my singing voice as your Ringtone or text message alert. IF you guys love me enough & can’t get enough of me (LOL), you can have my photo as the wallpaper for your mobile phone. He-he! Make sure you go check the 8TV site alright? It will only cost RM5 per download. Murah kan? “Murah, murah….” An imaginary voice answered.
My cousin, Moe Nasrul (Yellow t-shirt) who cheered up the crowd at Sri Pentas 2 whenever he has the chance to. Only he can get the crowd going. I wasn't the only one who thought so. The production people/ audience agreed he is good. The other people they have over at Sri Pentas 2 when Moe couldn't come were all crap. I'm just being honest. FYI, Moe is a FLY FM trooper and he heads his own band called Panic Overdrive. The band's single called Waiting For You (Terpegun is Malay version) & My Friend receives airplay on X Fresh. They're so good!
Little fansEdris Adrian & I. Edris is Monkey Bone's label manager. Gave him a copy of my song on a CD for him to listen to last week. I don't know if he has already listened to it or not. I would probably give him a call him 2morow.
The rest of the gang celebrated Sarah's & Fuad's anniversary party. We had a BBQ party beside the pool on the roof top of the hotel where all contestants are staying at.

Hmmm… What else? Oh, I went to the One In A Million road show yesterday held at the Summit USJ to support the remaining OIAM contestants, Ayu, Sarah, Ab, Mark & Shila. The upbeat Belinda from 8TV Quickie was there too as the MC.
I wish them all the best! Tiara was there too. I demanded her to be there because she lives nearby. He-he. Even though Tiara & I were not on stage performing (because we got eliminated ☹ sob* sob*), surprisingly, we were as busy as the other remaining contestants, taking photos, signing autographs as if we are still in the competition. I enjoyed meeting my well-wishers, the small children, mothers etc.
What was more surprising to me was when this lady who had her little daughter tagging along behind her came up to me & asked me, “Why didn’t you update your blog?”. I was like wow!,she reads my blog? I replied, “How did you know about my blog?”, and she answered, “...through a friend”. I was shocked to find out there are people spreading words about my blog. This made me realise that a lot of people out there could be reading my blog now, and sifting through the things I have written on this blog, which is the REASON for this long entry. To all my supporters, I just want to thank you guys again for supporting me, even when I am now out of the competition. I really appreciate it! I don’t know how else to express my gratitude. Thank you! I also tagged along with the OIAM team to Kuantan, Pahang because they had a road show there too. It was heaps of fun! All of us went for a movie after the show at Summit USJ was over. We saw Meet The Spartans. This particular flick is hilarious to watch! I cried because I laughed so hard! Thank god I didn’t wet my pants ha-ha! Ayu, Ab, Mark, Sarah, Renee, Nad, Tiara & I laughed our heads off. We were the noisiest group in the cinema yesterday. I suggest you guys go watch it!
Road show in Kuantan. We had seafood at this 'fantabulous' place by the beach. Nyum! Some of the contestants were not in a good mood & also appeared very very exhausted especially after a late night out the night before, but that person is not in the photo :-p

Oh by the way, Sweeny Todd (Johnny Depp) is good too. Saw it with Keith the other day at KLCC. He is now back in Perth, dancing away, happily at WAAPA. Sweeny Todd was scary, funny and crazy at the same time, all in all entertaining… but grotesque/gory… which is what I like! He-heLast Friday, the rest of the gang (Minus Roni, Rina & Tiara who could not attend for reasons unknown to me) and I was involved in a One In A Million Chinese New Year Special shoot at an orphanage called Yayasan Sunbeams Home (I think 8TV will air it probably this Thursday on 7/2/08). We had a fun filled day full of activities such as mural painting, Yee Sang making, Kuih Kapit making & Lion dancing (Ab & Mark took part as dancers LOL Thought they did a great job!). Shone, Sarah and I were in charge of the mural.
[Refer to the photo above] This is what the three of us came up with because the cloud were getting darker & it rained so heavily soon after that which is why we had to rush our painting job. I thought we did pretty well too, given the time constraints. The kids were wonderful and really really “helpful”. I mean, Shone & I had to delegate different tasks to the kids. It was a real challenge for me. Especially me. Shone was better at handling kids compared to me. But I’m learning! And I tried! The children were a bunch of really smart, creative, confident and to a point a bit annoying…LOL. Don’t get me wrong guys; it was a wonderful experience for me. I have never been into a foster home before so it was really refreshing. I realised how lucky I am to have what I have & be surrounded with people that means a lot to me in life, people who care about me.

I had a feeling earlier that this is going to be a really long entry! Sorry I didn’t warn you guys. Wait I did warn you what?! Oh yes, don’t forget that the OIAM Grand Finale will be on the 29th of FEB this month. Make sure you guys make a date with 8TV OK? All the Top 12 contestants will get to perform, which means I get to perform… Hooray! I don’t know what song I’ll be performing yet… I want to do Vanishing because I didn’t get to sing it during R&B week and I’ve been getting a lot of requests from outsiders including the contestants themselves to sing this particular song. Hopefully, the management of OIAM will let me do it. If they don’t maybe you guys could help me lobby them? LOL.

OKIE! That is the end of my entry this time around since my temporary ‘hiatus’ hohoho. Stay Tuned for my single. Will post photos of me recording my first song post OIAM soon. Oh! Before I forget, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everybody! Have a good one!

Take care, IZ.

7th FEB 08 – 8TV, Chinese New Year Special
29th FEB 08 – 8TV, OIAM Grand Finale


Nessa said...

What a wonderful read! :D

FYI, that lady was me, but it was my son tagging with me... haha. He must have looked like a girl! LOL

Anyway, it's wonderful to hear you guys have loads of activities lined up, esp. you get to sing during the finals.

I've posted some pictures during OIAM Road Show at Summit in my blog too :) My first time seeing local stars, really :D

All the best. Cheers :D

imborntosingsongs said...

YOu should have told me Nessa! How c could you? :-p

Hahahah. Keep coming back Okie?


::firdaliciousz:: said...

i lyke ur hair~


newy,i think ur better than wat people think u r

just u havent got the chance to show ur talent*well,since u got eliminated early


gud luck darl~!!!

i always wish u all d best~!!!!!!


wahine said...

Thanks Iz for sharing with us your trips and events with the rest of the OIAM contestants...Definitely will watch the finals, if you are singing in it.

Let us know if the label manager of monkey bone give a nod to ur single.

Great to hear that you are having fun and...don't think only YOUNG people respond and read blogs. Get with the program, dude...

Moeology said...

hey hey IZ. Moe here hehe... Thanks for the kind words and all man. i always get a kick when hyping up the crowd :D oh yeah and the band had changed it's name to Six String Samurais... but on Xfresh my song is still under the band name Panic Overdrive (the old band name) :D Hope you go far in your career :) take care cheers.