Thursday, July 17, 2008

MP3 & TrueTone Download | Singaporean Radio Interview | Gua Muzik | Malaysian Book of Records

Download the tracks below by sending MUSIC to 33138 on your phone. (Each MP3 or TrueTone download will cost MYR5)

01 Gonna Be Alright
02 Bersama, Together Featuring Nora Danish *Malay Single
04 Gonna Be Alright Club Mix Featuring C.Loco

05 Gonna Be Alright 会好的 *Mandarin Version

UPDATE: Just came back from HOT Studio from a rehearsal session with my backing band for a very important performance I am doing tomorrow night. Can only reveal who it is for later! Hehe.

I am also going to be interviewed by DJ Aura Shai from a Singaporean radio called Warna/Ria this coming Saturday which is going to be very exciting. Bersama/Together, Gonna Be Alright &
会好的 (Hui Hao De) is getting airplay in Singapore! Gua Muzik have also invited me to do a live cross to NTV7 on their behalf this month where I'll be performing as well. More about that soon. What else? Oh! I got invited to be part of the Malaysian Book of Records this month too!!! More soon! Take care guys. IZ

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