Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is 会好的 Hui Hao De (Mandarin Version of Gonna Be Alright)

This is the moment I have been waiting for. Here’s 会好的 Hui Hao De (Mandarin Version of my debut single, Gonna Be Alright) It will be included in my debut release as a bonus track as track #7.

会好的 Hui Hao De or Gonna Be Alright means a lot to me. The song is a reflection of my character as someone who does not take setbacks as the end all. I hope it will inspire others to not see defeats, failures and disappointments in life as something to wallow in but used as a lesson to do better in the future. I intend to spread the positive messages contained in my debut single, which is why I have it recorded in Mandarin. Gonna Be Alright (会好的 Hui Hao De) is a song to motivate, to soothe and to delight. Many thanks to the Mandarin lyricists, Kenn Yeap & Tyi Chai & also big hugs to Ms. Renee Tay & Baki Zainal (Host of 8TV’s Celebrity Chat) who both spent 6 hours of their precious time at The Ark Studios coaching my pronunciation. I really appreciate your assistance! Help me spread the word about this song and it's message! TQ. IZ

P/s: I am out in REMAJA Magazine, URTV, Media Hiburan, EH! & Malay Mail this month.

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