Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vote 4 'Bersama, Together' @ MuzikFM & XFreshFM!

['Bersama, Together' Ft. Nora Danish is on XFreshFM's playlist]

Hey guys! Semalam interview with DJ Cham & DJ Burn on XFreshFM was a lot of fun.... I was running late because I went to audition for a drama series with Sazzy Falak (I got it! HUHU) the traffic was horrendous as you guys are aware, it rained pretty heavily yesterday. So yeah, DJ Burn had to interview me on the phone while I was on my way to Astro, which again made it all interesting. Below are photos frm yesterday of DJ Burn, DJ Cham & I at XfreshFM ‘Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool’...
... plus a photo of DJ Masnah & I at MuzikFM ‘Stesen Muzik Anda’. Bersama, Together just got listed in Carta20 MuzikFM. To vote, you need to type CARTA[space]X & send it to 32776. Keep requesting ‘Bersama, Together’ OK? TQ![DJ Masnah & I @ MuzikFM 'Stesen Muzik Anda']

P/s: Lagu Mandarin IZ sudah siap!!! Hui Hao De!

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