Saturday, July 12, 2008

Radio: MuzikFM (Ahad) & XFreshFM (Isnin)

Upcoming Radio Interviews (Interview akan datang):
AHAD/July 13th @ 11.10AM – MUZIKfm | Carta 20 MUZIKfm (CARTA) setiap hari Ahad 11.10 pagi [KL 88.5] other frequencies

ISNIN/July 14th @ 8PM – X FreshFM | Interview on Zon Planet XFresh with Cham & Burn. [Klang Valley 103.0] other frequencies

*Check me out in the current edition of Media Hiburan, URTV & Majalah REMAJA.
*Will update more soon guys! Gotta run to the studio
[Photos with DJ Akhtar @ SuriaFM after yesterday's interview. She's hilarious!]

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