Sunday, July 20, 2008

RiaFM (Singapore) | Deborah Priya Henry (Malaysia's current beauty queen) | TraxxFM

Last night, DJ 'Aura' Shai from RiaFM, SINGAPORE, interviewed & asked me questions regarding my upcoming 7-track EP. I talked about my debut single, Gonna Be Alright & also my latest Malay single, Bersama, Together Feat. Nora Danish. DJ Freda told me that Nora Danish is currently quite popular in SG. thanks to the PUTERI Drama Series. Noh from the popular band, HUJAN was waiting for his turn in the other room while waiting for me to finish my interview. I'm so happy right now. Both my singles have been getting airplays in SINGAPORE in the last 5 days... so yeah... I am very proud of myself. I didn't forget to drop a couple of hints on my full studio album during the interview with DJ Aura Shai either... hehehe
Hung out with DJ Freda (Also from RiaFM) while HUJAN was being interviewed. She suggested to me a few ideas regarding a possible promotional tour for me in SINGAPORE.
Thanks to DJ 'Aura' Shai & DJ Freda from RiaFM SINGAPORE for everything! You guys were good fun! The three of us went to get Japanese food & ate lots of crabs? afterwards... nyummm....
The night before (Friday 18th July), I was invited to perform for a SURPRISE birthday party for Miss Malaysia World 2007, Deborah Priya Henry (Malaysia's current beauty queen) @ Heritage Mansion, KL. I performed three jazz numbers including Gonna Be Alright. The crowd's reaction was very good. I had a lot of fun. I was very happy with my performance too. Got it all filmed. Will upload on YouTube soon OK?
The Birthday Girl (Deborah Priya Henry) & I
The 'Quickie' crew from 8TV was there too... Nice to see you Shaz! You noticed we wore red?Thanks to Abg Budiey ( who managed to turn up at the event!

P/s: I will be on TraxxFM sometime early next week.


muhd epy said...

pg spore..

imborntosingsongs said...

Next week dia akan keluarkan interview tu. Tadi DJ 'Aura' Shai from Ria FM baru je call I, but my song Bersama, Together sudah dikeluarkan dah di sana. U duduk in Sg???