Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TRAXXfm interview with DJ Mag | CHARITY DRIVE 4 St. Joseph Orphanage in Penang.

Morning guys!
Just got home from a late night interview with DJ Mag from Late Nights on TRAXXfm. As usual I was asked questions regarding my future plans, EP and what not. DJ Mag & the show’s producer, Ms. Madonna (Cool eh?!) were very nice to me despite the fact that they’ve been slaving away at their workplace since morning. Hats off to the dedicated team @ TRAXXfm!

[Photo taken @ 1AM -Yawwn..]

I also managed to spread the word about a charity drive called Mills' Banana Hammock Charity Drive 2008 on TRAXXfm tonight, which help raise funds or anything deemed worthy for St. Joseph Orphanage in Penang. Emilia & Emily (The HOT! twin sisters) from Penang started this charity drive since July 15th. The goal is to collect any kind of assistance in terms of ca$h, food, and used clothes. You guys are more than welcome to do your part and pledge anything! Cash or tangible items! The closing date for the pledges will be on the 31st of July, which is very soon. So be quick! Visit HERE ( know more. Or check it out on Facebook! & Pledge! pledge! pledge!

P/s: Download songs from my upcoming EP by typing MUSIC & send to 33138. You'll enter SonyBMG's music portal on your mobile phone. How neat.

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