Thursday, August 6, 2009

GONNA BE ALRIGHT Remix Feat. C. Loco is on an International Movie Soundtrack Release! | Get JELITA AUGUST Issue - Raya Edition |

You heard it! I am so excited right now.
My song Gonna Be Alright Remix Feat. C. Loco Buy Online from my GONNA BE ALRIGHT EP, is included in the soundtrack album of an Indian film described as "A concept which is the first of its kind in India and the world" titled THE SUCCESSOR – Private & Confidential produced by Metro Brava/Films India

From Metro Brava/Films India Press Release.
"...This film reveals the ‘true side’ of the most famous industry in India (and outsourcing)- the I.T. Industry. "The Successor" is a 90‐minute feature film that will be hitting your cinema screens soon. The film features music from a range of talented, established and fresh up-and-coming artists. In keeping with our vision of innovation and appealing to city audiences, the soundtrack has a mix of local Indian bands (Chennai based Junkyard Groove & Hyderabad's Mo Boucher) and international artists from varying genres, and influences from USA (Mike Burke, Air Bombay, Beautiful Small Machines), Australia (Koshowko; X & Hell), New Zealand (Trillion) & Malaysia (IZ)"

More updates soon! Check me out in this month's Majalah Jelita Edisi Raya dalam ruangan Jejaka. Majalah HAI bulan ini pun, ada gambar IZ di red carpet Anugerah Planet Muzik yang berlangsung di Jakarta baru-baru ini.

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